What is Gold Token?

Gold Token is open to everyone

Gold Token public blockchain

A public blockchain has absolutely no access restrictions. Anyone with an Internet connection can send transactions to it as well。A public blockchain is decentralized and does not have a single entity which controls the network. Data on a public blockchain are secure as it is not possible to modify or alter data once they have been validated on the blockchain.

White Paper

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We will update all the information about the gold Token network in real time

1.1.6 official version released.Preparing for KYC, you can now fill in your name within the app.

Preparing for KYC, you can now fill in your name within the app. The Profile page has been added to the navigation bar. ···

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Gold token official release

The goldtokenwas officiallyJanuary 1,2022What is GoldToken?http://www.goldrr.com/?article/42.html Google paly Download:h···

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Blockchain gold used in metauniverse

Blockchain gold used in metauniverseThe metauniverse has many possibilities for application. An ideal meta universe will···

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The total issuance is 2000 0000 0000 grams, and will never be issued after the mining is over

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